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Recent News

Join us for the Second Annual Thunder Bay Garlic Mustard Pull! 


Free pizza and “How To” session begins at 6:00pm sharp! Pulling will begin at 6:30pm! Feel free to drop in at any time to lend a hand and learn about the impact of this invasive plant on urban biodiversity!

Please RSVP by email or phone with Colin at or 705-748-6324 x281 to ensure we have enough food for everyone!

Be aware of hemlock woolly adelgid this spring!

Hemlock woolly adelgid (HWA) is native to Asia, and was first detected in eastern North America in the 1950’s. This invader attacks native hemlock species, which are commonly found in Ontario forests and urban spaces.

Look for white, cotton-like or woolly masses forming on the base of hemlock needles.

To learn more about the hemlock woolly adelgid, visit the species profile.

If you see signs and symptoms of HWA in Ontario, please report the sighting to the CFIA or EDDMapS Ontario.


Don't let invasives ruin your garden!

Try planting these and other native species instead! They look great, and they don't threaten Ontario's biodiversity. For more info on what plants are good for your garden check out these Grow Me Instead guides.



This fall, be aware of the Asian Longhorned Beetle! 

Asian Longhorned Beetle (ALB) is an invasive beetle native to Asia was introduced to North America in the early 1990s. It is especially concerning for Canada as it threatens our hardwood trees which provide numerous ecological and economic benefits. To learn more, visit the ALB species profile

If you see ALB in Ontario, please report the sighting.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency regulates ALB in parts of Ontario. Learn more here

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